FOLLOW UP: Fake “Veolia” Letters – How community spirit & social media usage protects us from the latest scams

Remember our recent blog about fake Veolia UK payment letters attempting to scam you out of cash? BUSINESSES BEWARE: Suspicious “Veolia” Letters Circulating to Get Your Money ‒ Avoid The Latest Scam Here’s another look at one of the sneaky letters we’re talking about. It requested you update how you pay Veolia – complete with[…]

Better manage the ‘Surface Water Drainage’ of your property to save on your water bills & your environmental impact

Have you had a read of the new “Surface Water Drainage” blog on our sister site, You could be eligible to reduce your water bills depending on how your property drains surface water (rainwater) — water companies have schemes in which you pay less if your surface water doesn’t wind up in their public[…]