RainCatcher Soakaway Crates – A More Modern Approach To Surface Water Drainage

Take control of your flood risk management with RainCatcher’s new soakaway crates, the modern approach to surface water drainage!


RainCatcher Reporting Successful RWM 2016 Exhibition – Thanks For Joining Us!

Thanks for joining RainCatcher & EcoGrid at this month’s RWM 2016 exhibition, coming together to rethink waste as a resource!


Grey Water In Action: But What Exactly Is It?

Grey water – DON’T waste it! So, what’s the difference between rainwater & grey water? Find out and reduce your usage by 50%…


What will RainCatcher be exhibiting at RWM 2016?

Grab a coffee and a pew, find out what is new! What exactly will RainCatcher be exhibiting at Europe’s premier event for resource efficiency?

So, What Exactly Is “Rainwater Harvesting”, Why Should I Take Notice?

Collect rainwater from your roof, filter it, treat it, store it & re-use it — that’s Rainwater Harvesting in a nutshell…

1 Month Left! RainCatcher Exhibiting at RWM 2016 – Get A Free Ticket to Join Us…

Join RainCatcher at RWM 2016, Europe’s premier event for resource efficiency & waste management solutions — register for your FREE ticket!


Why Pay to Water Your Garden? Install a RainCatcher & Do It for FREE!

Let’s get saving our rainwater, our environment and our money — receive a 10% discount on RainCatcher purchases this week!


Best of British: RainCatcher’s Best Selling, British-Made Rainwater Products

RainCatcher = British-made quality for Rainwater Harvesting! Get a look at installations of some of our best-selling, best-in-class products…

News & Events: RainCatcher Exhibiting at RWM 2016 Event This September

Come visit us at the RWM 2016 Exhibition on Resource Efficiency & Waste Management — we’re showcasing sustainable products of RainCatcher & EcoGrid!

Super Efficient & Ever So Compact – Introducing “E.sysbox” Mains Booster Kits

RainCatcher P&S Ltd now proudly offering super efficient DAB booster pressurisation units for both mains water & rainwater applications!

Manage Rainwater Runoff with Our Innovative RainCatcher & Rain Bloc Solutions

Small changes… big impact! Innovative thinking and small steps to sustainable drainage means effective management of rainwater runoff & flood risk

UK Heatwave On The Way This Summer – Act Now To Beat the Drought & Hosepipe Ban with Rainwater Harvesting!

Before the weather turns “scorchio” next month, savour the rainfall and use our leading harvesting solutions to beat the drought!

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