Bookings Now Open for Rainwater Harvesting Training Course in July 2016 – Learn with RainCatcher

RainCatcher’s 2016 training sessions are under way — join us in July to gain competitive advantage & grow your business with our industry expertise!

Government Grants for Rainwater Harvesting – Why ‘Countryside Stewardship’ will have you jumping for joy!

Under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme the government could give you a sizeable grant towards the cost of Rainwater Harvesting solutions like ours!

Could Rainwater Harvesting Solutions Grow Your Business? We Can Help!

Interested in rainwater collection? Rainwater Harvesting is our business and we’d like to help you grow yours by using our innovative solutions!

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks, Filters & Pumps – The Perfect Way to Save Water, Money & Your Environment

Why pay out for water when you can utilise the water that falls free from the sky? Go green with RainCatcher’s perfect pumps, tanks & filters!

Why Adhere to WRAS Guidance on Labelling for Rainwater Harvesting? #1

Rainwater is being collected every day worldwide with cost savings & environmental benefits – but ensure you follow this guidance when you’re harvesting…

RainCatcher Supports “Water Saving Week” This Month – How To Get Involved

Waterwise’s second annual “Water Saving Week” is fast approaching and RainCatcher is joining in the fun – will you be saving water this month?

Why “Catch” Rain Anyway? The Growing Importance of Rainwater Harvesting

As water bills continue to get pricier Rainwater Harvesting is ever more sought after for businesses & individuals alike – why choose RainCatcher as your supplier?

Our Innovative RainCatcher Slow Release System for Storm Water Management

Introducing the RainCatcher wall mounted storm water attenuation system – dual purpose rainwater collection to reduce your bills & help prevent flooding!

Service & Maintenance for Rainwater Harvesting Systems – Why Schools & Councils Choose RainCatcher

Count on RainCatcher’s tried & tested service and maintenance solutions to ensure you’re getting the best out of Rainwater Harvesting Systems!

Green Building is Smart Building – RainCatcher Rainwater Harvesting for Wienerberger E4 Brick House™

RainCatcher’s innovative rainwater products installed in Wienerberger’s new sustainable housing project – this is the future!

RainCatcher Testimonials: See What Our Customers Are Saying…

Rainwater harvesting is our passion at RainCatcher, but so is our customer service. See what our clients are saying with these real life testimonials…

Our Innovative “2-in-1” Rain Harvesting System – RainCatcher Speidel 50/50

  The RainCatcher Speidel 50/50 is just one of the innovative solutions we offer. Unique to RainCatcher, this “2-in-1” rainwater …

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