Here you will see just a few examples of RainCatcher system designs.

We have been designing both commercial and domestic rainwater harvesting systems for over 8 years and while we continue to follow the fundamental principles of rainwater harvesting as set out in the official training and guidelines, our systems are continually evolving due to our ever expanding knowledge, experience, latest technology and environmental changes which makes us one of the UK’s leading rainwater harvesting specialists.

Areas we cover: Domestic premises / Commercial premises / Housing developments

No matter what the building or how diverse, simple or complex the application you can be assured that RainCatcher can deliver a cost effective rainwater harvesting system tailored to your needs.

RainCatcher Silt Management System



RainCatcher below ground tank – cutaway to demonstrate the internal components of a tank suitable for rainwater harvesting non potable applications



RainCatcher 50:50 harvesting/attenuation system



RainCatcher throttled attenuation system

Raincatcher 50-50 schematic


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