UV PRO 1 Kit includes UV & prefilter



UV complete kit with backing board for domestic or small commercial rainwater harvesting systems – full kit with pre filters


The range includes:


20, 30 and 40 litre per minute units – this listing is for the 20 Litre

We can supply these as loose items ie UV and prefilter or  mounted onto a backboard as a ready to go kit.

The choice depends on how easily you want to fit them kit.

All units include the ballast /power supply unit which gives a digital count of days in service or countdown of days remaining.

There is an audible alarm on the power supply to indicate power or lamp fail.

The backboard mounted units are pre piped ready to connect the water supply in and out.

The backboards are 600 x 400mm  Any of these units can be supplied with or without the solenoid valve and control to shut down supply in event of power or lamp fail (optional extra).

The choice will depend on application however our experts are here to help should you have any questions



Prices shown are net of vat and delivery:
UV and Prefilter Supplied as lose items
PRUV0112OPKITUV PRO 1 Kit includes UV &  prefilter£348.68
PRUV0234OPKITUV PRO 2 Kit includes UV & prefilter£401.49
PRUV0310OPKITUV PRO 3 Kit includes UV &  prefilter£439.64
Backboard mounted unit – non auto shut off

PRUV0112OPBUV PRO 1 incl prefilter kit on backboard£407.74
PRUV0234OPBUV PRO 2  incl prefilter kit on backboard£468.42
PRUV0310OPBUV PRO 3  incl prefilter kit on backboard£518.39

Additional information

Weight5 kg

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