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RainCatcher Products and Services Ltd, manufacture, design and provide rain and grey water collection systems for the commercial, domestic and house building sectors. For the team at Raincatcher, rainwater harvesting is not just a business, but a passion, driven by our belief in the industry and the consumer’s desire for quality, value and simplicity. Raincatcher Products and Services Ltd, a family run business ( formerly known as Combined Harvesters ) was founded 2006, following 30 successful years in landscape construction and design. Raincatcher’s highly qualified and trained staff continue to offer extensive experience in the design and management of commercial and residential systems, whilst also acting as consultants, which is relied on heavily in the UK when planning, assessing and diagnosing either at project conception, completion or beyond. Simplicity is a central tenet to the Raincatcher approach, with innovation at the forefront of the organisational structure. Our goal is to unite the age-old philosophy of conservation with the latest technological innovations. At Raincatcher we are not interested in creating systems that burden clients with a lifetime of maintenance costs. Instead, we strive to analyze every aspect of each individual project and then tailor-create a system that will function in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Saving Rainwater

    For all around the home or business premises. Simple and cost effective rainwater harvesting solutions

  • Reduce surface water charges

    Either reduce or remove with Rainwater Harvesting and Permeable Paving

  • Constant assistance

    We are there for you before, during and after your installation with an unrivalled service

  • Quality

    With 35 years experience of the business, we are the right team for you

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