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Rain Water collection

We manufacture, design and provide rain water collection systems for commercial, domestic and house building projects. We base our philosophy on clear communication and customer interaction to ensure we fulfil their needs to the best of our ability. 

We are Raincatcher.

Areas We Cover

We provide individual solution based on the customer’s needs and use our rainwater collection system to increase efficiency. There are 3 sections where we focus and exceed on.

Raincatcher underground
Housing Developments​

We are here to help design cost effective rain water system to be installed into a new home.

Raincatcher vertical tanks
Commercial Premises

The use of rainwater recycling is highly beneficial include, agriculture, retail, education, construction and much more.

Raincatcher water butt
Domestic Premises
Rainwater harvesting system to help reduce your mains water consumption and increase your water efficiency.
Services We Offer

We understand the complexity of choosing suitable products and systems for your project. That is why we provide a variety of services at different stages to help our customers have the best experience.

System Design

We can take your plans and advise on system design for all scenarios from drainage design to tank capacity calculations, site reports to percolation tests, CAD design to installation instructions.

Installation Service

We have approved installers from across the country who can visit your site, cost your plans and offer full supply and install information.


We have a maintenance team to offer day rated work or full and complete maintenance services. We can offer tank cleaning, tank installation, pump maintenance and repair services.

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About Us

Our company vision and mission is to inspire stakeholders and motivate our team to achieve internal objectives.

We strive to be a leading provider of innovative and environmentally sustainable products that relate to the management, re-use and control of rain water within the boundaries of current regulations and best practices.

We promote a culture of innovation and service, based on a clear understanding of our customers’ needs, market trends and of course environmental concerns and direction.

RainCatcher Products and Services Ltd, manufacture, design and provide rain water collection systems for commercial, domestic and house building projects and we base our philosophy on clear communication and customer interaction to ensure we fulfil their needs to the best of our ability.

For the team at RainCatcher, rainwater harvesting is not just a business, but a passion, driven by our belief in the industry and the consumer’s desire for quality, value and simplicity. RainCatcher’s highly qualified and trained staff continue to offer extensive experience in the design and management of commercial and residential rainwater harvesting systems, whilst concentrating on their British made above ground tanks and filters for the smaller projects through agents and distributors.

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Servicing, Maintaining & Supplying Rainwater Harvesting Systems Across The UK

Our Services Include: Existing system reporting, repairs, troubleshooting and servicing, bespoke system design, product placement evaluation, volume capacity requirements, supply system parts and spares.


Special Offer: RainCatcher 750L Rainwater Tank – £349 Including VAT & Delivery!

Catch the rain, beat the drought! RainCatcher’s flagship 750 litre above ground rainwater tank is £349 DELIVERED for a limited time…

Super Sewer, Super Rain Collection

Collect rainfall around your property to keep the UK’s sewers Super!



If you are new to the water harvesting system, check out this video, where we present in detail of the various users for our RainCatcher Tanks in domestic houses.

This video will cover the system and uses of RainCatcher wall mounted 200 litre water storage tank.

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