About Us

Our company vision and mission is to inspire stakeholders and motivate our team to achieve internal objectives

Our vision is to be a leading provider of innovative and environmentally sustainable products that relate to the management, re-use and control of rain water within the boundaries of current regulations and best practice.

We promote a culture of innovation and service, based on a clear understanding of our customers’ needs, market trends and of course environmental concerns and direction.

RainCatcher Products and Services, manufacture, design and provide rain water collection systems for commercial, domestic and house building projects and we base our philosophy on clear communication and customer interaction to ensure we fulfill their needs to the best of our ability.

For the team at RainCatcher, rainwater harvesting is not just a business, but a passion, driven by our belief in the industry and the consumer’s desire for quality, value and simplicity. RainCatcher’s highly qualified and trained staff continue to offer extensive experience in the design and management of commercial and residential rainwater harvesting systems, whilst concentrating on their British made above ground tanks and filters for the smaller projects through agents and distributors. RainCatcher’s leader, Sue Tunnington also acts as an industry consultant due to her extensive knowledge, experience and qualifications in Rain water and grey water reclamation. Our consultancy service covers rain and grey water harvesting system design, trouble shooting and reporting on existing systems, whilst also offering maintenance and servicing packages for any size commercial or domestic harvesting system.

Simplicity is a central tenet to the RainCatcher approach, with innovation at the forefront of the organisational structure. Our goal is to unite the age-old philosophy of conservation with the latest technological innovations. At RainCatcher we are not interested in creating systems that burden clients with a lifetime of maintenance costs. Instead, we strive to analyse every aspect of each individual project and then tailor-create a system that will function in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Further more we pride ourselves on our in house training which is offered to both new starts in the industry and corporate organisations wanting to enter the rainwater harvesting sector. Training is carried out by fully qualified tutors and this gives a sound basis for further certified training should the students want to progress.

The following is just one of many testimonial given after one of RainCatcher’s training courses –

“Following the recent technical training day held at RainCatcher’s head office I writing to thank everyone for the well organised and extremely useful event. We found the pace and level of technicality just right, the course was easy to follow and the manual and slides where clear and informative. It has enabled my brother and I to approach the installation of your rainwater harvesting systems with much more confidence and knowledge.

I would not hesitate to recommend your training course, products and services to colleagues and associates in the future and look forward to visiting your offices again soon”.

For future training dates, product information, servicing and maintenance or general consultancy services please get in touch with Sue on 0151 639 4281 or sales@raincatcher.co.uk

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