Our Products

Our Products

Please note that all RainCatcher products are available from our extensive distributor network, please call us on 0845 838 7542 or email sales@raincatcher.co.uk if you wish to join our distribution network or to discuss your requirements with a highly knowledgeable member of our rainwater harvesting team.




Above Ground Tanks

Raincatcher 750 Litre Above Ground Tank

Available in black and green (custom options available for multiple purchases)

British-made rainwater harvesting tank to aesthetically complement any garden. Available as a basic tank or a full plug and play rainwater harvesting system for the supply of harvested rainwater for washing machines, flushing toilets, car washing, exterior washing, garden irrigation, or lawn watering (example only); especially beneficial during those long and increasingly often periods of drought and flood.

Key Features:

Five quality brass ingress/egress/linking points (modular design to daisy chain infinite tanks together)

Removable lid allowing full access to the tank to place pumps or additional fittings

Snap-action tap included (optional upgrades to brass or chrome)


Applications include – garden watering, irrigation (with or without a pump), vehicle washing, wash down window cleaning, or as a stormwater management system (5050 or full retention). Example only.

RC 750 image within garden with flowers
RainCatcher 200 Litre Wall Mountable Tank

The wall-mounted, space-saving RainCatcher 200 litre solution is a unique and practical British-made Rainwater Harvesting tank to aesthetically complement any property, be it domestic, commercial, or industrial for uses such as simple rainwater storage, a form of stormwater attenuation, or as a full rainwater harvesting system for the garden or home with the addition of water filtration and pumping equipment.

A “plug and play” system ensures the product can be expanded with a minimal effort to harvest rainwater for many other applications. Also suitable for use as a throttled attenuation for stormwater management, our 200L solution is a mere 200mm deep, thereby providing an unobtrusive method of storing rainwater for future use in the narrowest of spaces. It’s simple to install and has very low maintenance needs.

RainCatcher Rainwater Filter Diverter

The RainCatcher Filter Diverter is a multipurpose asset to any rainwater harvesting system, it acts as a rainwater harvesting system. With easy implementation in mind through its design, its intended to fit onto the wall with its downspout slits in the top. Dual purpose as a rainwater harvesting filter and/or storm water management silt trap, perfect for the UK market.


Key Features:
Made from recycled plastic

Strong Robust Design 

Fully ECA approved

Designed and Made in the UK by RainCatcher

RainCatcher Filter Diverter Installed

Underground Tanks

Platin Underground rain harvesting tank
RainCatcher Platin | Rainwater Harvesting Flat Tank

The Platin Rainwater flat tank was specially developed for rainwater harvesting. It features a minimum installation depth, which translates into a short installation time and low installation costs as there is no concrete backfill required. It is available in sizes ranging from a 1500Litre capacity up to 7500Litre.

It includes a pedestrian lid, though cast iron options are available for trafficked applications. The Platin is fully ECA approved on the Water Technologies List.

Key Features:

Suitable for vehicle loading (alongside a Telescopic dome shaft with cast iron lid)

Groundwater stable up to the upper edge thanks to extremely sturdy design

Easy to transport due to low product weight.

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