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Please note that all RainCatcher products are available from our extensive distributor network, please call us on 0845 838 7542 or email sales@raincatcher.co.uk if you wish to join our distribution network or to discuss your requirements with a highly knowledgeable member of our rainwater harvesting team.


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Where to buy RainCatcher products…


Where to Buy RainCatcher Products


Our most popular products…


  Above Ground Tanks  

Our Raincatcher 750 Litre Above Ground Tank

700L---4blk 750L---4grn

Available in black and green (custom options available for multiple purchases)

British made rainwater harvesting tank to aesthetically compliment any garden. Available as a basic tank or a full plug and play rainwater harvesting system for supply of harvested rainwater for washing machines, flushing toilets, car washing, exterior washing, garden irrigation or lawn watering (example only); especially beneficial during those long and increasingly often periods of drought and flood.


Length 1,600mm

Depth 600mm

Height 1,000mm

Weight 40kg

The tank is fully approved on the water technologies list with a full 100% capital allowance tax allowance for commercial installations.

Key Features

5nr quality brass ingress/egress / linking points (modular design to daisy chain infinite tanks together)

Removable lid allowing full access to the tank to place pumps or additional fittings

Forklift base points for easy transportation

Snap-action tap included (optional upgrades to brass or chrome)

Factory modifiable on request to suit individual requirements, needs or designs

Applications include – garden watering. irrigation (with or without a pump), vehicle washing, wash down, window cleaning or as a storm water management system (5050 or full retention). Example only.

In order to fill the tank you will need a filter diverter, of which we have several options available including our very popular British made RainCatcher brand.

RainCatcher 200 Litre Wall Mountable Tank

200L---2blk 200L---2grn

Designed and manufactured in the UK to be aesthetically pleasing in any domestic or commercial application, ideal for garden use, making rainwater harvesting as simple as child’s play.

Available as a tank only or as a ‘plug and play’ system to suit your needs. This tank can be further developed or incorporated into a rainwater harvesting system, suitable for washing machines, car washing, exterior washing, flushing toilets and garden irrigation (example only).


Capacity of 200 litres,

Length of 1,150mm,

Depth of 200mm,

Height of 1,150mm.

Comes with standard tap and wall fixing kit (optional tap upgrade to chrome or brass).

The RainCatcher 200 is fully approved on the water technologies list. Installation instructions are available on request.

What you get in the basic water butt package:

RainCatcher designer wall mounted water butt

Standard black water butt tap (brass or chrome also available)

Wall fixing kit, everything you need to afix to a sturdy wall (please refer to installation instructions for full details)

Basement/Cellar Tank (available in black or grey)


Whether indoors or outdoors this flexible, slimline rainwater storage basement water storage tank is perfect.

This 1500-litre tank is easily and quickly set up and can be extended by linking additional tanks together via a simple linking kit.

This basement/cellar tank is fitted with flat surfaces and marked for inlet, overflow and withdrawal.

Food grade, thick-walled PE plastic one piece tank with no welding points. The large manhole chamber has diameter of 46 cm. Other tank connections such as a fill-level indicator or a drinking water intake are available on request.


Flexible with optimum space utilization

Several tanks can be linked together, lengthwise or perpendicularly

Connections for taps and hose 3/4″ female connector with blind plugs

DN 50 hose nozzles (not drilled)

Can be conveniently re-filled with drinking water


Contents 1,500 litres

Length 120cm

Width 78cm

Height 208cm

Inlet height 183cm

Outlet height 38cm

500-30,000 Litre Above Ground Water Storage Tanks

web image-0615

Above ground water storage tanks from 500 litres right up to 30,000 litres with the ability to link tanks to increase capacity for those larger projects.

  • Vertical or horizontal designs available.
  • Made from MDPE –UV stable medium density polyethylene
  • Durable, strong and stable with an Ecogrid Ground reinforcement base as an optional extra.
  • Impact resistant and non-corrosive
  • One piece tanks
  • UK stock holding
  • Potable water versions available on request (UK – bye law 30 kit required, Scotland – bye law 60 kit)
  • Free technical advice and guidance.
  • Available as a tank only or as a ‘plug and play’ system to suit your needs. This tank can be further developed or incorporated into a rainwater harvesting system, suitable for washing machines, car washing, exterior washing, flushing toilets and garden irrigation (example only).


  Underground Tanks  

Full Range of Rainwater Storage Tanks available


Rainwater storage tanks to suit any application, either off the shelf or bespoke.

RainCatcher have been supplying tanks and rain harvesting systems for over 10 years and the range is developing all the time to meet customers requirements and market place demands.

Example Capacities – all tanks are modular / linkable to increase capacity
1,500  litres
2,000  litres
3,000  litres
4,000 litres
7,500 litres
10,000 litres

Low Excavation (Flat) Tanks
Speidel-flattank   Garantia Green Li-Lo Flat Underground Tank

Ideal low excavation rainwater storage tanks are easy to install with no need to concrete back fill. Capacities from 1500 litres right up to 10,000 litres with the ability to link several tanks together if required.

Trade enquiries welcome with multiple system discounts available.

Specialist tanks

narrow tank 3000L

Need something different? Then just let the RainCatcher team know and we will source a product to suit your requirements.

For example our New Narrow 3000 litre below ground rain water storage tank is ideal for those projects that just don’t have the space for the more traditional style tanks.


  • Small installation width
  • Ideal for narrow properties



RainCatcher Filter Diverter


Weight:                               3kg

Material(Black):                  Fully recycled plastic

Colours available:              Black and white as standard from stock

Any colour for own branding. MOQ 50 units

The RainCatcher filter diverter is a simple but effective filter diverter that is suitable for all downspouts both square and round and all materials up to a diameter up to 110mm. Rainwater is filtered by the internal and removable basket, it diverts to the above ground tank via a supplied hose tail connection and supply pipe, when the tank is full; the rainwater is automatically re-diverted back to the filter and then down the downspout. The unit can also be used with underground tanks and with infiltration trenches as a simple silt trap.

Any diverter, any size anytime!

In-tank Filter

Our straight in-line filter (also available with an offset option or as a pre-tank filter within a chamber)


The filter sits in the neck of the tank, rainwater is delivered through the left side and travels through the filter internal basket down the bottom of the filter to the (not supplied) 110 pipe which is attached to the calming inlet ‘foot’ which prevents the incoming rainwater disturbing any sediment in the tank. Debris runs along the filter basket and is removed via the supplied overflow siphon. As the tank fills, the water rises op the pipe and flows out of the overfow siphon, also removing any remaining debris from the filter basket.

Basket Filter


Rainwater is delivered in to the tank via a standard 110mm underground pipe. It falls to the bottom of the tank. This filter system is really only suitable for garden irrigation systems. An overflow siphon is attached to the outlet pipe.



Groundwater Module


Allows placement of tanks in areas with high water tables

Two groundwater valves with biological and mechanical filters, includes drill bit with centre drill for installation. Stops tanks from rising in areas of high water table

Calming Inlet



Sits at the bottom of the tank and ‘calms’ the incoming rainwater, stopping the disturbance of any sediment in the bottom of the tank

Floating Extraction Kit

Connects to the pump and floats on the top of the water level, allowing extraction of only the cleanest rain water

Rainwater Labeling Set


Required to comply with regulations

Black and Green Rainwater Pipe


Required to comply with regulations



DAB Pressure Pumps, Ebara Multigo Pumps


High quality pumps used to deliver rainwater to the required point on demand – full details available on request

Multi-X Pump

RainCatcher Multi-X Pump Range

Exclusively available direct from RainCatcher or via our agents and distributors. Multi-stage submersible pumps with built-in integrated electronics, designed to automatically start and stop for a high degree of efficiency. Great for garden and domestic water supply.

RC System Controller

RainCatcher System Controller

A compact, light and quiet system controller with submerged stainless steel Multi-X pump. Processes rainwater for domestic properties; providers water for toilets, washing machines and garden watering. Automatic changeover to mains water supply when insufficient level of rainwater in tank.


  Commercial and Domestic Grey Water System design  

— RainCatcher Grey Water Systems are designed to suit your application and are available for both commercial and domestic scenarios on request – speak to one of our experts today

  Complete Rain & Storm Water Management Systems  

— RainCatcher’s team of experts will design a rainwater harvesting system to suit your project, be it a small domestic garden system or a full commercial package for industrial processes – speak to one of our experts today

— Example: RainCatcher Speidel 50:50 Systems


The innovative RainCatcher Speidel 50:50 systems enhance your sustainable flood risk management offerings, for both domestic and commercial applications as a planning aid.

Our 50:50 systems are, as the name would suggest, half attenuation/retention of rainwater and half rainwater storage for use in and around the home. Ideal when rainwater harvesting and infiltration / attenuation is required. Two in one!

These systems feature:

  • An underground tank of your capacity choice from 2000 to 100,000 litres and above (above ground options available on request)
  • A throttled outlet valve with graded orifice as required featuring a unique design allowing graded outlet of rainwater to sewers, soakaways or watercourses
  • Groundwater module for areas with high water tables (optional)


Full list of RainCatcher products…


RainCatcher - New Products

Multi-X Pump
RainCatcher Rain Safe
RC Controller


  Tanks     (– above and below ground, all tanks are modular and linkable to increase capacity)

RainCatcher 750 Litre Tank Black
RainCatcher 750 Litre Tank Green
RainCatcher 750 Litre Custom Colour*
RainCatcher 200 Litre Wall Black
RainCatcher 200 Litre Wall Green
RainCatcher 200 Litre Wall Custom Colour*
RainCatcher Slim Line 300 Litre-Beige
RainCatcher Slim Line 300 Litre-Green
Decorative garantia water butt range
10,000 Litre Vertical Rainwater Storage Tank
20,000 Litre Vertical Rainwater Storage Tank
30,000 Litre Vertical Rainwater Storage Tank
RC below ground flat tanks 1500L litre upto 7500 litre
RC below ground 2000 to 10,000 litre rainwater tanks
GRP one piece tanks to capacities up to 120,000 litres, bespoke manufacture
Concrete one piece tanks to capacities up to 120,000 litres, bespoke manufacture
RainCatcher Rain Safe for applications where rainwater is treated to drinking standard


  Water Filters  

RainCatcher Filter Diverter Black
RainCatcher Filter Diverter White
Supra and RainCatcher in tank filters sized by catchment area
Vortex and RainCatcher pre tank filters sized by catchment area
Ultra violet water treatment – sized according to required flow rates
Specialist cartridge filters and honeywell reverse flow and triple filters with active carbon
Reverse osmosis and sand filtration according to specifications



RainCatcher/Rain Bloc Soakaway Crate – 300 litre
NW8 Geotextile Membrane
Cloth Tape


  Water Pumps  

RC Ecorain Essential Compact Premium Control
RainCatcher Purpose-Built Rainwater Header Tank
Mains Top Up in a Box
Leader Divertron 1000 Automatic Submersible
Leader Divertron X1000 Automatic Submersible
Leader Divertron 1200 Automatic Submersible
Leader Divertron X1000 Automatic Submersible
Leader Jet garden pump or multistage ebara stainless steel submersible pumps
Commercial water management control unit c/w mains backup
Ebara Best 1 MA Stainless Steel
Ebara Best 1 MS Stainless Steel
Bespoke break tanks made to order
Multi-X Pump


  Water Butts  

Garden Lake 200 litre watre butt kit
Magnum 350 litre water butt
Wall mounted 100-200 litre water butts
95, 168 and 227 litre water butts – MOQ full pallet quantities


  Water Butt Accessories  

Rainsaver water diverter
RainCatcher Filter Diverter Black suitable for larger downpipes up to 110mm
RainCatcher Filter Diverter White suitable for larger downpipes up to 110mm
Water butt linking kits
Water butt taps



220l Converter – Black**
220l Converter – Green
330l Converter – Black**
330l Converter – Green
Base Plate for Compost Converter
Thermoquick 330 Ltr Green
Thermoquick 400 Ltr Green
Thermoquick 600 Ltr Green
Thermoquick 800 Ltr Green
Compost aerator tool


  Rainwater Harvesting System Accessories  

Rainbloc 300 litre storm water crates (alternaive to traditional soakaway)
Storm crate geotextile wrap as required – permeable/non permeable and tape
Surge / expansion vessels
Ultra violet water treatment – sized according to required flow rates / honey well triple filters with active carbon
25mm and 32mm black green pipe and regulation labeling (to ID non potable water outlets and supplies)
EcoGrid permeable ground reinforcement systems

The RainCatcher Promise