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Company Terms & Policies (click the icon to download)

A brief overview of our company terms of trade and some interesting documentation surrounding regulations and our very popular in-house training covering best practice in the rainwater harvesting industry.

RainCatcher Credit Application Form

RainCatcher Delivery Procedures

RainCatcher Terms & Conditions

RainCatcher Health & Safety Policies

RainCatcher Anti Collusion Certificate

RainCatcher Equal Oppurtunities

RainCatcher Environmental Policy

RainCatcher Quality Assurance Policy

General Interest (click the icon to download)

Assessment of Water Harvesting System For A Smart Building Cosidering Climate Change

RainCatcher Explanation of BS8515

Report on the Code For Sustainable Homes

The Code For Sustainable Homes Water Survery Report

A Report On Paving Front Gardens

Surface Water Regulations: SUR1

Surface Water Regulations: SUR2

Part G Regulations

Environmental Sustainability Report

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