RainCatcher 750L Installation

A picture of our RainCatcher 750L tank captured within a divine wild flower garden, provided a very pleased customer Mr …

Servicing, Maintaining & Supplying Rainwater Harvesting Systems Across The UK

Our Services Include: Existing system reporting, repairs, troubleshooting and servicing, bespoke system design, product placement evaluation, volume capacity requirements, supply system parts and spares.

Special Offer: RainCatcher 750L Rainwater Tank – £349 Including VAT & Delivery!

Catch the rain, beat the drought! RainCatcher’s flagship 750 litre above ground rainwater tank is £349 DELIVERED for a limited time…

Super Sewer, Super Rain Collection

Collect rainfall around your property to keep the UK’s sewers Super!

Save your water, Save your money, Save your environment!

Parts of England are at risk of summer water shortages and there’s no better time to put rainwater to good use — step in RainCatcher!

What’s All The Fuss About Stormwater Management?

Rain rain and more rain – how can we protect ourselves and our properties from the damage caused by floodwater?

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