Better manage the ‘Surface Water Drainage’ of your property to save on your water bills & your environmental impact

Have you had a read of the new “Surface Water Drainage” blog on our sister site,

You could be eligible to reduce your water bills depending on how your property drains surface water (rainwater) — water companies have schemes in which you pay less if your surface water doesn’t wind up in their public sewers.

What your property needs in place to be considered for a water bill reduction includes the likes of: all surface water from the roof draining directly to the ground via a soakaway, all surface water from hard standing areas draining directly to the ground, and all property surface water draining directly into a watercourse, brook or stream.

This diagram gives an example of a home that could take advantage of the scheme:

RainCatcher Blog - Surface Water Drainage

We have a good way to reduce surface water run off to the already over manned universal drainage system.

The RainCatcher Speidel 50:50 is another option to save you money, reduce your hassle, and deliver considerable environmental benefits. This dual purpose, rainwater storage system is suitable for both domestic or commercial environments and helps avoid, reduce and delay the discharge of rainfall to public sewers and water courses.

That makes for reduced risk of localised flash flooding, pollution and subsequent environmental damage.

RainCatcher Blog - Speidel 50:50

Why the “50:50” name? Well, you get the best of both worlds with 50% of the water for re-use and 50% being slowly released by use of our unique throttled attenuation valve. Capacities range from 2000-10000 litres with the option to increase capacity by linking tanks together. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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