British-Made Quality from RainCatcher — Distributors Wanted for Our Innovative Rainwater Harvesting Products!

At RainCatcher, our family-run business prides itself on British-made quality when it comes to Rainwater Harvesting.

We’re continuously researching and developing sustainable solutions that have a measurable, positive impact on the environment and our quality of life. For 2017 we are seeking distributors for our range of innovative products!

Just get in touch by e-mail or drop us a line on +44(0)151 639 4281 to learn more.

Distributors Wanted - RainCatcher 200

The “RainCatcher 200”:

Our 200L wall-mounted water butt aesthetically compliments any property; a “plug and play” system for simple rainwater storage, water attenuation, or a full harvesting system for your home or garden.


Distributors Wanted - RainCatcher Filter & Diverter

Rainwater Filter & Diverter:

RainCatcher’s dual purpose rainwater harvesting filter diverter and storm water management silt/debris trap has many innovative features. It’s strong & robust with a removable easy-clean filter basket.



Distributors Wanted - RainCatcher 750

The “RainCatcher 750”:

Our designer slim-line 750L water butt can help you save water, the environment, and money! It provides a natural water supply for all your outdoor needs, all year round. Forget about hosepipe bans! With minimal effort you can also use the system to harvest rainwater for the likes of washing machines, toilets, and more.


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