Driest Winter in 20 Years – It’s Time to Save Your Water with RainCatcher

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Driest Winter in 20 Years - It's Time to Save Your Water with RainCatcher

The UK just faced its driest winter in 20 years with half the average rainfall reported for the period, southern areas worst affected. Even up north in the wettest place in England (well, usually) it’s “bone dry” right now!

A summer drought looks to be a real prospect as these risks increase due to climate change and water infrastructure. Water suppliers are encouraging customers to save water to help preserve supplies and minimise the possibility of “restrictions”. Of course, those restrictions mean temporary use and hosepipe bans.

The Met Office predicts that drier than average conditions are to return at the end of May following some greater rainfall in the middle of the month. So we say now is the time to collect and re-use water with a RainCatcher!

Save Water with A RainCatcher 750

“RainCatcher 750”:

Our designer slim-line 750L water butt can help you save water, the environment, and money! It provides a natural water supply for all your outdoor needs, all year round. Forget about those hosepipe bans! With minimal effort you can also use the system to harvest rainwater for the likes of washing machines, toilets, and more.


Save Water With A RainCatcher 200

“RainCatcher 200”:

Our 200L wall-mounted water butt aesthetically compliments any property; a “plug and play” system for simple rainwater storage, water attenuation, or a full harvesting system for your home or garden. At a mere 200mm deep, the RC200 is an unobtrusive method of storing rainwater for future use in the narrowest of spaces.

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