Government Grants for Rainwater Harvesting – Why ‘Countryside Stewardship’ will have you jumping for joy!

Have you heard of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme?

Grants have been made available under the government scheme to restore, protect and enhance England’s countryside — farmers and other land managers have been offered up to £6,800 in grants for this purpose…

…now that’s something to jump for joy for!

RainCatcher Blog - Countryside Stewardship Grants

Both underground and above-ground rainwater tanks are eligible for the scheme in areas targeted for the reduction of water pollution from agriculture.

The government recognise that the water collection by such Rainwater Harvesting solutions will benefit the environment by keeping clean and dirty water separate. In turn this provides more clean, free water which can then be suitable to reuse for various tasks around the farm; those which would otherwise waste potable water supplies.

Countryside Stewardship is on track to commit around £900 million to the cause between now and 2020, so be sure to look out for the next time applications open for Countryside Stewardship grants!

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