RainCatcher’s Innovative Rainwater Products on the Water Technology List – Certified for Quality & Performance

Have you heard of the Water Technology List (WTL)? The list, created and maintained by the government, contains products which if purchased could save you money on both your water and tax bills!

If your business pays corporation tax or income tax in the UK then you are eligible for tax relief – invest in the products found on the WTL and claim tax back on both the capital and installation costs, offsetting 100% of it against your profits. This is known as capital allowance and all the details on claiming it can be found here.

Back in March of 2004 rainwater harvesting was added to the Water Technology List. Therefore rainwater harvesting products that encourage sustainable water use were then being promoted on there.

RainCatcher - Water Technology List

As a result, WTL supports RainCatcher’s own rainwater harvesting products – such as our water storage tanks, filters and associated rain harvesting component parts. Since our innovative solutions are found on the list, routine testing is carried out on these and all other promoted products, ensuring they meet quality and performance requirements.

Results of the most recent tests on the RainCatcher rainwater filter diverter:

AEA requested testing of the RainCatcher RC009 Filter Diverter, to verify its compliance with the Water Technology Criteria for Rainwater Filtration Equipment.

The sample tested met the requirements for Rainwater Filtration Equipment and therefore qualified for inclusion on the Water Technology List.


RainCatcher - Water Technology List

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