Our Innovative RainCatcher Slow Release System for Storm Water Management

Introducing the RainCatcher wall mounted storm water attenuation system with unique tamper proof slow release technology – just one of the innovative solutions we offer.

Unique to RainCatcher, this in-curtilage throttled attenuation rainwater collection system is dual purpose – designed for rainwater storage and stormwater attenuation, while suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

RainCatcher Slow Release System

This RainCatcher technology can not only act as a flood water management tool, but depending on the capacity of the tank and position of the slow release technology, it can save you money, reduce your hassle, and deliver considerable environmental benefits.

So, why adopt the simple RainCatcher flood water management unit?

1.   The tanks are slim line and discrete.

2.   Multiple tanks can be linked together to increase capacity at any time.

3.  Due to the manufacturing process here in the UK we are able to factory modify the tanks to suit the project requirements (example; full attenuation, 50;50 retention and re-use for garden irrigation).

4.   This technology is also available as our “2-in-1” rain harvesting system, the RainCatcher Speidel 50/50.

5.   As a result your mains water use could be reduced, with the added benefit of helping prevent localised flooding. By reducing and delaying discharge into public sewers and water courses, the risk of flooding is significantly lessened.

Just some of the benefits of the market leading system are:

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Helps reduce mains water use
  • Helps reduce surface water run off
  • Money savings through reduced water bills resulting in system pay back
  • Aids in planning applications
  • Makes hose pipe ban worries a thing of the past
  • Can assist with SuDS adoption schemes
  • Low maintenance
  • Tamper proof/child proof slow release valve

Capacities of the above ground RainCatcher tanks are 200 litre wall mounted and 750 litre floor mounted with the option to increase capacity by linking multiple tanks together. What’s more, the system meets BREEAM, WRAS and Code for Sustainable Homes criteria.

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