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Why use mains water when you can utilise the water that falls free from the sky in swaiths?!

It’s simple: collect the rain from your roof, filter, treat, store and re-use.

Whatever the application: domestic or commercial.

Uses: irrigation, gardens, ponds, wash down, toilet flushing, car washing, factory, commercial and industrial processes. That’s just some of the many applications available.


Utilise this free and valuable commodity and not only will you reap dividends in a monetary form but you will have water for times of low rainfall or drought – and to top it all off you will make a positive impact on the environment!


Just one step by you could be one huge leap for the future of mankind.

Did you know the earth has an abundance of water, but unfortunately, only a small percentage (about 0.3 percent according to the National Ground Water Association), is even usable by humans.

Want to find out more about taking that step?

Rainwater Harvesting tanks, filters and pumps are the perfect way to save water, money and your environment.

And you’re in luck because RainCatcher Products & Services Ltd supply all of these solutions!

Just get in touch with us to make that first step…

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