Simple Storm Attenuation Tip That most People Can Do

You can take a standard water butt (these come in sizes from 100 litres-750 litres as standard, with larger size tanks for commercial or industrial scenarios) and during winter months or times where floods are prevalent, just leave the tap on slightly so the captured rain water runs out at a controlled rate constantly (this is referred to as a throttled attenuation), allowing flood water to be attenuated whilst also having space for new down pours hours later. This can help the sewer systems cope with heavy down pours whilst also reducing risk of flooding at ground level. The rate the water is released is adjustable making the system versatile, so you can retain all, release all or you can have a tap installed on some water butts midway down so you are only releasing half of its contents, with half always available for use in the garden.
RainCatcher Tanks

throttled valve



This is obviously only a small measure and one of many, but every little helps and we are giving away 30 x 210 litre water butts for Free, as mentioned in our post from 10.12.15 titled Exclusive offer amid Devastating Floods.

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