Special Offer: RainCatcher 750L Rainwater Tank – £349 Including VAT & Delivery!

Published On 6th June 2018

RainCatcher 750L Rainwater Tank - £349 Special Offer!

For a strictly limited time we are offering the flagship “RainCatcher 750” for an exceptionally low price of only £349!!

And yes – that includes VAT and delivery to mainland UK so that’s all you’ll pay.

Please note this offer is subject to change in the near future!

A unique and practical British-made product, this slim-line 750 litre rainwater harvesting tank aesthetically compliments any garden or outdoor space. It can mean you have a natural water supply for all your outdoor needs all year round, while the product can be further developed with minimum effort to harvest rainwater for washing machines, flushing toilets, car washing, exterior washing, lawn watering and other applications.
RainCatcher 750L Slim-Line Tank Installed Outdoors

RainCatcher 750L Slim-Line Tank Installed Outdoors


While the rain is back with us, what better time to start collecting rainwater to reuse later absolutely free!

And with droughts predicted this summer (following the UK’s driest winter in 20 years) we’re encouraged to save our water to preserve supplies before those inevitable hosepipe bans; make sure you are prepared. The “RainCatcher 750” water butt can help toward saving water, the environment and your money.

RainCatcher 750 Litre Rainwater Tank - Black & Green Colours

This £349 deal simply can’t last so be sure to act quickly to avoid disappointment.

We also produce the 750L in green colour, available for a surcharge.

Take advantage of this limited time offer — talk to us today on 0151 639 4281; sales@raincatcher.co.uk.

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