Problem: Autumn Leaves Have Blocked Your Gutter, Solution: Gardena’s Combisystem Gutter Cleaner

Gardena Gutter Cleaner - Leafy Gutters

PROBLEM: It’s that time again when those falling Autumn leaves (as picturesque as they might be) wind up in the gutters of your home. Is the collection of leaves causing havoc up there… are you worried it might?

This may be the time of year you think about it, but whether you have UPVC or metal guttering it is essential that they are cleaned regularly so they remain functional and in good condition without breaks or punctures.

The pretty-yet-pesky orange and red leaves and other debris can block your gutters and with that comes overflowing and sagging, leaving them potentially dangerous and in need of replacement.

Gardena Gutter Cleaner - Leafy Gutters

SOLUTION: To keep your rain water flow smooth within your guttering and prevent long term issues like damp internal walls in your property and roof joist wet rot problems, we recommend a Combisystem Gutter Cleaner.

RainCatcher P&S is an official stockist of the Gardena Gutter Cleaner – a system for easy, convenient cleaning and clearing of your gutters. It features a brush with sturdy bristles on one side and a high quality plastic scraper on the other for optimal cleaning results. An adjustable swivel joint lets you comfortably reach your gutter from any angle.

Attach an extendable Gardena Telescopic Handle (shown above and below) to reach a height of up to 5 metres.

Gardena Gutter Cleaner - Leafy Gutters

We have the cleaner and handle combination in stock now on our Amazon and eBay pages.

No more need for ladders or scaffolding to unblock overflowing leaf and debris laden gutters – invest once and avoid pricey annual/biannual cleaning services, not to mention the thousands of pounds saved on potential gutter repairs!

In addition to self maintenance tools like gutter cleaners, a further maintenance solution is fitting a RainCatcher silt and debris trap filter which can divert and filter rain water before it enters your water butt.

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