Why bother maintaining & commissioning Rainwater Harvesting Systems?

RainCatcher’s Rainwater Harvesting Commissioning, Maintenance and Service Contract Department continues to go from strength to strength, ensuring individuals and organisations collect free water and enjoy reduced bills.

But what’s the fuss about maintaining the existing rainwater harvesting system in your home or business? Well, rainwater harvesting systems can quite often be a little more technical and complex than first perceived.

RainCatcher - Home Rainwater Harvesting System

The philosophy of prevention always being better than cure rings true for rainwater harvesting systems and here at RainCatcher we encourage commissioning of any system, along with continuous annual / biannual maintenance, whether that rainwater harvesting system is a new or old one.

So too does the philosophy of “buy cheap, pay twice”. RainCatcher’s tried and tested commissioning service is carried out using only fully qualified, experienced engineers and we identify problems with your system before the project is signed off – giving you peace of mind early on that all issues will be rectified.

Taking out a maintenance and service contract with us will keep you updated with regular pictorial and written reports notifying you of any wear and tear issues, tank cleaning requirements, new regulatory improvements and any other ways you can better the efficiency of your harvesting system.

RainCatcher Rainwater Harvesting System Maintenance - Before & After

Above and below and some real-life service and maintenance results.

One recent example saw RainCatcher contracted by Sunderland City Council to tackle a fault detected in their existing rainwater harvesting system. Have a read of this case study and others for details on our specific investigations, processes to make the systems fully operational once again, and the recommendations made.

RainCatcher Rainwater Harvesting System Maintenance - Before & After

RainCatcher Rainwater Harvesting System Maintenance - Before & After

Bottom line, commissioning and regular maintenance is of paramount importance for the lifespan of your rainwater harvesting system, which aren’t quite as easy to install and look after as one might think.

You need contractors who are experienced and knowledgeable or you’ll be left with an under-performing system requiring constant repairs, which in turn will cause disruptive downtimes and bigger bills for you!

That’s where RainCatcher comes in – give us a call on 0151 639 4281 to discuss your requirements. Keep up with all rainwater harvesting innovations we’ve involved with by following our Twitter or LinkedIn.

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