Save your water, Save your money, Save your environment!

Photo: “Pink rain” by sagesolar, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Save your water, Save your money, Save your environment!

This summer the south-east of England is at risk of water shortages, officials warn – and this could be why RainCatcher has seen a huge upturn in orders.

A period of unusually dry weather has left parts of England facing the prospect of a summer drought with groundwater and some reservoirs well below normal; last winter saw 25% less rain than is usual. A dry spring, summer (with rain nearly all taken up by trees and plants) and autumn followed, and 63% less rain than usual fell in October.

Now that the recent wet weather is with us there may be no better time to consider putting rainwater to good use.

Here at RainCatcher we offer rainwater harvesting project management and maintenance. In times of drought we should all strive to save water to help preserve supplies; our solutions will easily help you collect and re-use that water.

As an example, you could set up one of our slim-line water butts (pictured above) in your garden to make hosepipe bans a thing of the past, or expand them to harvest free water for washing machines, toilets and more applications.

As well as many other innovative products, our rainwater storage systems can create a full harvesting system for your garden, your home, or on a larger scale your entire business premises.

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Save your water, save your money and save your environment with RainCatcher!

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