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London Super-Sewer, Thames Tideway Tunnel

Construction has begun on London’s super-sewer, the £4.2bn Thames Tideway Tunnel, a scheme put in place to tackle the problem of sewage pollution in the River Thames.

The topic once again highlights the issue of our overloaded sewers in the UK which in part is due to more intense rainfall brought about by climate change – and that’s where RainCatcher comes in.

As explained by an expert on BBC News this morning we need to be using rainwater before it ever gets chance to reach our existing sewers, because it’s an invaluable resource that in most cases is simply being thrown away and wasted. One consequence of this is the overmanning of the sewers; sewers which cannot cope with the heavy rain/flood water that we experience in the 21st century (which by the looks of things is not going to get any better).

You may not know it yet but there are in fact numerous, affordable ways of capturing and re-using rainwater that falls on and around your property. Here at RainCatcher we’ve been designing, supplying and maintaining rainwater harvesting and collection systems for over ten years and we have the qualifications to prove it.

Our solutions will easily help you preserve and re-use rainwater and save you some money too.

For instance, you could set up one of our slim-line water butts in your garden to have access to an instant supply of free water (bye bye hosepipe bans) or expand them further to harvest free water for the likes of washing machines and toilets.

As well as many other innovative products, our rainwater storage systems can create a full harvesting system for your garden, your home, or on a larger scale your entire business premises.

Save your water, save your money and save your environment with RainCatcher!

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