Super Efficient & Ever So Compact – Introducing “E.sysbox” Mains Booster Kits

Compact, efficient, state-of-the-art water mains booster kits from RainCatcher!

Sick of weak, slow flowing mains water making you have to dance around the shower just to get wet?

Homer Simpson Scolded by Hot Water in Shower - RainCatcher Blog

Then you need the “e.sybox” and “e.sybox mini”; super efficient booster pressurisation units from DAB, now brought to you by RainCatcher Products and Services Ltd. Suitable for domestic and light commercial applications, we have the kits available now with prices from as little as £ 340+vat and delivery.

This user friendly booster system is one of a kind with its super efficient, water cooled motor reducing operating noise — making this product the quietest booster pump available in its class!

The team here at RainCatcher are really excited to be able to offer this kit both for mains water and rain water applications (water regulations apply) across the whole of the UK.

Features include:

  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically to kit in even the most compact of spaces
  • Supplied with vibration dampening feet mountings (further reducing noise emissions)
  • Energy saving up to 50% compared to more traditional solutions
  • Can be fully integrated with the e.sytank and accessories for added value
  • Full 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee


  • e.sywall brackets – for wall mounting
  • e.sydock – docking station for simple and quick connection
  • e.sytwin – for use of 2 working pumps for sites with more demand
  • e.sytank – water storage/break tank (designed to fully integrate the e.sybox)
  • e.sytank auxiliary tank (modular and fully compatible with the standard e.sytank)
  • External wireless communication device complete with IP55 control panel
  • Brass union fittings, coupling kit and delivery kit

The e.sybox mini will allow you to run multiple water outlets whilst retaining constant, reliable water supply.

Showering whilst someone else washes the dishes is no longer an issue with help from the state-of-the-art e.sybox / e.syline pressurisation system. You’re more than welcome to keep dancing though!

DAB 'E.sysbox Mini' Water Booster - RainCatcher Blog

For further details, quotations or enquiries regarding the e.sybox range or any DAB residential or commercial product (booster/pump sets, submersible, surface pumps and more) simply get in touch.

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