Manage Rainwater Runoff with Our Innovative RainCatcher & Rain Bloc Solutions

Small changes… big impact on flood risk areas!

Rainwater management represents a clear opportunity for innovative thinking surrounding sustainable drainage.

That’s why RainCatcher P&S Ltd, although only a small family run business, continuously researches, develops and innovates in a bid to bring about small incremental change that when accumulated with other solutions, such as EcoGrid permeable surfacing, will have a positive and measurable impact on the environment we live in and the quality of life for the people living in the 5+ million UK properties that are at risk of flooding.

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Did you know local rainwater attenuation is often required by law? RainCatcher’s leading range of high performance, easy-to-install tanks, filters, pumps and the new Rain Bloc storm crate are on hand to meet these needs.

As more and more ground is sealed with buildings, car parks and roads, the sewer system is having to work harder and the risk of flooding increases. Installing our products makes sense both ecologically and economically because they take the strain off the sewer network and save surface water drainage charges.

Looking at the Rain Bloc specifically, this anti-flooding drainage solution offers a 300 litre capacity for rapid drainage of land by soaking down surface water into weight resistant crates. It’s capable of extreme load bearing, taking the weight of heavy good vehicles while suitable for drives, car parks, pitches, lawns and other areas prone to flooding.

The average winter is projected to be 15% wetter, and the wettest winter 33% wetter than the baseline average.


Extreme weather events can of course lead to disruption costs and damages. Effectively managing all of these risks will only be achieved through bold changes in behaviour, from policy level, to specifying, right down to individual decision-making, because even small incremental changes will have a cumulative impact.

A more creative approach to managing rainwater should be encouraged, for example through rainwater harvesting systems, and seeking opportunities to use it for non-consumptive purposes. In that respect, landscape architects and garden designers need to inspire householders to embrace opportunities presented by climate change.

Effective management of flood risk will only be achieved through continuous change in the management of rainwater runoff — RainCatcher are always here to help. Get in touch with our experts today.

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