The Code for Sustainable Homes

Code for Sustainable Homes

The code for sustainable homes rates an entire property according to how sustainable it is when it comes to energy efficiency an water use. Having a high rating according to the code for sustainable homes makes the property more derivable to potential buyers and reflects the reduced environmental damage the property is causing. Further homes with a high CSH rating are likely to have low energy and water bills.

Water and the code for sustainable homes

Water in the CSH is measured on two fronts, water use (WAT1 and WAT2) and surface run off (SUR1)
Water use

The goal of WAT1 and WAT 2 is to reduce the average mains water consumption from the current average of 150L per person per day down to 80L per person per day (this amount of water consumption will eventually give the highest possible score for the WAT1 and 2 categories).

Currently to reach this goal of 80L a typical home will have to be completely retrofitted with water saving appliances (showers, washing machines etc) or fitted with a 750L rainwater harvesting system.
Surface run off

The aim of SUR1 is to reduce the peak rate at which water enters out drainage systems, this is to try to prevent our drainage systems from becoming clogged and flooded when we hit times of peak rainfall.

Currently we have poor surface water management across the country meaning our roads and gutters are commonly flowing with large amounts of water during heavy rain, this is largely caused by the paving over of permeable ground which would otherwise allow water to slowly rejoin the water table. When an area is heavily paved or constructed upon water will flow over these paved areas to our drainage system, often it is too much for our drains to take.

With a rainwater harvesting system the rain that falls on your roof is harvested and is either stored for use or is allowed to slowly rejoin the water table, the rate of water run off is significantly reduced and your property is given a higher CSH rating.



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