UK Heatwave On The Way This Summer – Act Now To Beat the Drought & Hosepipe Ban with Rainwater Harvesting!

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A heatwave is set to bake Britain, with reports suggesting this summer could be the hottest in 100 years!

The time to save your water is not during a drought — the time is now! After all, the “5 P’s” for success in life and business are, as they say, Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

So, have you got your Rainwater Harvesting system in place?

RainCatcher - Heatwave Blog

Pre-empt the hose pipe ban with our market leading range of tanks, filters and pumps!

Before the weather turns “scorchio” next month and while the brollies are still out, be sure to grab your water butts now from RainCatcher. Get in touch by email or reach us on the number below.

RainCatcher - Heatwave Blog

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