With all this flooding focus is turning towards new and innovative technologies to help cope with unpredictable precipitation patterns:

RainCatcher 50:50 systems a. Below ground – RainCatcher Speidel 5050 systems (capacities ranging from 2000-10000 litres with the option to increase capacity by linking tanks together) – best of both worlds with 50% of the water for re-use and 50% being slowly released by use of our unique throttled attenuation valve. b. Above ground – […]

Should your business “go green” for profit or for social & ethical responsibility?

Is your business all about CSR (corporate social responsibility) and CC (corporate citizenship)? Or does your CFP (corporate financial performance) beat out CSP (corporate social performance) every time? Acronyms aside, most companies are actively engaged in sustainability and environmental policies, including us here at RainCatcher P&S Ltd and EcoGrid Ltd with eco-friendly products at the […]

Rain rain don’t go away because we can use you another day -1

Just one example of what can be achieved when looking at dealing with and re-using your rainwater: Doing an extension or landscaping work then why not install a small, cost effective rainwater harvesting system for irrigation of your garden, washing down, car and window washing. This shallow, low excavation 1500 litre tank is one of RainCatcher’s best […]