Surface Water Statement Requirements

Surface Water Statement Requirements TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING, ENGLAND The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015 Made – – – – 18th March 2015 Laid before Parliament— 24th March 2015 In force – – 15th April 2015 April 2015 saw strengthening of planning policies on the provision of sustainable drainage resulting in […]

Health Impact Assessment of RainWater Harvesting in the UK

Health Impact Assessment of RainWater Harvesting in the UK   This in depth assessment for sustainable water management was published in 2008 IWA publishing and makes very good reading for those with concerns as to the risks associated with rainwater collection, storage and re-use.   Topics covered:   Risk Assessment and risk characterisation Possible Hazards […]

Collaborative working at Raincatcher

Collaborative working Liverpool John Moores University are linking up with businesses such as RainCatcher Products and Services (Rainwater harvesting system design, supply, maintain) and Ecogrid ( UK’s number 1 permeable ground reinforcement grid) to help form a low-carbon agenda and strategy for Merseyside.   Opportunities have included The Low Carbon Innovation Hub’s Green Business Networking […]

Rainwater harvesting: using the weather to pay your bills

Rainwater harvesting: using the weather to pay your bills Harvesting the rain seems like a no-brainer. But is it too expensive? And could you live with an AstroTurf lawn? Greywater systems: can they reduce your water footprint? Rainwater harvesting systems (RHS) – as you might expect from the name – harvest the rainwater that has […]

Rainwater Harvesting

Advantages Rainwater harvesting provides an independent water supply during regional water restrictions and in developed countries is often used to supplement the main supply. It provides water when there is a drought, can help mitigate flooding of low-lying areas, and reduces demand on wells which may enable ground water levels to be sustained. It also […]

How Do I Plan my Rain Water Harvesting System?

How Do I Plan my Rain Water Harvesting System? We would always recommend you speak to an experienced advisor such as RainCatcher’s highly trained staff to assist in choosing a suitable system and we are available in several guises, including live chat, email and telephone, however we have covered a few points below for your […]

SuDS made easy

SUDS made easy Sustainable urban drainage systems focuses on two main aspects of water run off, quality and quantity. The reason SUDS is becoming such an important part of owning a home is simple, we are damaging the environment in a number of ways by building properties on so much soluble land: > We are […]

The Code for Sustainable Homes

Code for Sustainable Homes The code for sustainable homes rates an entire property according to how sustainable it is when it comes to energy efficiency an water use. Having a high rating according to the code for sustainable homes makes the property more derivable to potential buyers and reflects the reduced environmental damage the property […]

Frequently asked questions

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS   What is Rain Water Harvesting Please see our guide to rain water harvesting for an insight into Rainwater Harvesting. We also have an in depth training manual that can be purchased for a potential installer or enthusiast here.   Our Delivery Policy Our delivery policy and options can be found here.   How do […]